Uttranchal Vidya Niketan - A school promoting Quality Education through Formal Education - A UYRDC Initiative in Narain Bagar :

The organisation started an initiative in the education field by opening a model primary school named "Uttranchal Vidya Niketan" in 1984. This school is aimed at providing quality education to disadvantaged sections of the community. The school is self sustained with student strength of 150 presently. Level of education in the school is Both Hindi & English uptill the secondary level (State Board).

UYRDC also intervened in the existing government schools by conducting health camps, awareness camps, teacher training and various other programs. This ensured that the quality of teaching increased in these schools also.

Our Past efforts at community level: A lot of villages in the recent past faced problems in the rainy season because of which the students were unable to come to their existing primary schools. UYRDC took an initiative in enrolling the students and extending the classes in the far flung villages with the help of the community. This ensured a continuity of education for the students and eventually these classes turned into full fledged primary schools at the village level itself in due curse of time (around 3 years). Thus, this small initiative helped in proliferating education across many villages in Pinder Valley through proactive community participation.

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