1. Institution Training Infrastructure:
UYRDC has a well established training centre at Narain Bagar. The centre has residential capacity of 50 heads and a seminar hall to accommodate 150 participants at a time. The institution also provides training in established two halls time to time. It is fully equipped with computer, OHP/Slid Projector for audio – visual presentation. The institute also has canteen facility to serve participants.

2. Field Resource Centre
The organization has an established Field resource Centre for enabling training at field and Marketing of farm produce. The centre undertakes following activities in the valley:

a. Fruit preservation, training cum production centre

  • The activities are organized with participation of women groups in the valley. The women groups bring their produces in the unit for processing. The organization supports their efforts by marketing the produce in the Local, regional and state commercial zones

b. Agriculture Grading and Marketing of produce:

  • The organization provides support to the SHGs to market their agricultural produces brought to our facility centre. The produces are graded, packaged and marketed to the departmental stores in the market places of the valley, the region and across the state. The produces are facilitated for market through Haat Bazaars at block level and district level. Produces commonly processed and marketed through our centre are Buckwheat, Amarantham, Soyabean, Jhangora rice, local red rice, other Local cereals, millets and pulses.

c. Field training Centre :

  • Organization has imparted various training programs to the valley farmers under the centre. Various activities undertaken under the centre services are :
  • Practical Training and demonstration in vegetable and herbal cultivation
  • Practical trainings on different types of composting techniques
  • Training on Greenhouse fabrication, erection and cultivation
  • Training on Animal husbandry and fodder management
  • Trainings on vegetable and herbal nurseries development and cultivation have been imparted through the centre.

d. Fabrication unit :

  • The organisation has a well established fabrication unit. This facility engages for training the disadvantaged youth in fabrication and establishment of polyhouse.
  • The organisation has well experienced fabricators who have been engaged to establish polyhouse in farmlands. During various programs the youths have successfully established polyhouses in District Rudraprayag, Chamoli and Bageshwar to agrarian community, the NGOs, state lines department and univeristies such as horticulture development board, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, S.B.M.A. Garsain, H.N.B.Garhwal university.

3. Trainings provided by UYRDC :

(Community, Agriculture, Livestock and Environment Management)

  1. Gender capacity and personality development Training
  2. Group / Federation / Cooperative formation, facilitation and management
  3. Watershed Management Training
  4. Fodder Management Training
  5. Leadership Development Training
  6. Training of the Trainer (T.O.T.)
  7. Training on Reforming Local Self Governance Institutions
  8. Training on Entrepreneurship and Rural Marketing Linkages Development
  9. Crop ailments and suggestive remedies
  10. Training on Pre Harvest, Harvest and Post Harvest
  11. Cultivation in protective conditions for seasonal and off-seasonal crops
  12. Training on Fabrication and Erection of Polyhouse
  13. Training of cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
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