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Uttaranchal Agricultural Development Program
Title Uttaranchal Agricultural Development Program

(Narayan Bagar, Tharali, Dewal)
Bageshwar (Kapkot)

Duration 2001 to 2006
Funding Agency Technical Information for Forecasting and Assessment Council
(Department Of Science and Technology)
No. of beneficiaries Direct Program Beneficiaries : 300 Families (2000+ individuals) influenced population are 15000+

And related Outcomes
Service provided

Objectives :

  • Training and dissemination of protective cultivation technology for fruits and vegetables
  • Raising of Nursery, Cultivation & Marketing of Medicinal Plants
  • Demonstration of solar drying system for dying of fruits and vegetables
  • Documentation Of Medicinal Herbs
  • Creation of irrigation facility presently identified at Ghesh

Program Outcomes :

  • Polyhouses Established : 300
  • Poly tunnels : 10
  • Direct Program Beneficiaries : 300 farmers
  • Medicinal Plants Documented : 160
  • Training & Exposure on Agricultural practises : 1500 farmers
  • Successful cultivation of seasonal and off-seasonal cash crops in protective conditions.
  • Higher altitude villages are now able to grow subtropical crops which was impossible till now.
  • Advancement in crop cycle prior to season has been achieved saving valuable time and energy to farmers.
  • Farmers preparing & Selling Compost manure.
    Successful linkages
  • Farmer and Dawan international, a buying house to trade Medicinal produces.
  • Cultivation of Medicinal & Aromatic plants as new income source.
  • Irrigation facility benefiting 112 people in upper & remote reaches of Himalayas (Village Gesh)
  • New Income opportunities for Youths (fabrication and erection of Polyhouses) - 60 youths trained
  • Training to farmers on the effective use and benefits of polyhouses based cultivation Exposure trip provided to 14community workers at Delhi Pusa Institute
  • Creation of Demonstration unit for onfield training of farmers at Narayan Bagar
  • Training of Youths on fabrication and erection of Polyhouses
  • Training on Composting to men and women
  • Organising Seminar and Exhibition
  • Demonstration of Solar Dryers to farmers
  • Documentation of Medicinal Plants

Business Development Services (BDS) Dairy sub sector.

Title Business Development Services (BDS) Dairy sub sector.

Karanprayag, Narain Bager, Tharali and Deval Blocks of District Chamoli

Duration 2003-2006
Funding Agency USAID (Appropriate Technology India, Ukhimath)
No. of beneficiaries 200 SHG's Formed - 2045 member (women initiative Program)

And related Outcomes
Service provided

Program Objectives :
Organise micro-producer network(s) to generate and capture economies of scale in BDS service delivery.
Establish BDS services to provide inputs for improvement of productivity and production of milk and market access for micro-dairies.
Facilitate private sector providers to supply 75% of all inputs to the micro-dairies
Link BDS clientele with micro finance services, including credit, savings and asset insurance.
Phase out subsidised support
Establish replicable development model
Analyse and disseminate lessons learnt
Impact forest conservation - reduce livestock grazing, one of the major threats to regeneration of the oak forests through promoting improved stall feeding and fodder tree development

Program Outcomes:

Milk Producers
Increase in Income of the existing Milk Producer (Rs.1700/month)
Reduced drudgery by plantation & effective manure compost preparation
New income source generated to new milk producers
Seasonal fluctuation in demand has increased sale of bi-product mix in organized manner
Distribution model activated for SHG groups under constrained remoteness

BSPs & Micro Dairy Enterprises
New job opportunities to jobless youth as BSP (Rs.12000/annum)
Collectors, Sub Collectors
Para Vets, Stud bull keeper
New Job Opportunities to Micro Dairy Enterprisers (Collectors, Sub Collectors)
Shift of Customer base from unorganized market to established dairy shops through the program
Good Quality Milk is assured in the market, Customers Satisfied

Formation of SHGs.
Formation of Micro credit groups.
Established their linkages with District Cooperative Banks.
Organizing management training for the members of SHGs.
Experience sharing meeting of SHGs. Members.
Formation of SHGs federation PACs and MACs
Facilitating SHGs to introduce service provider in Dairy Sub sector.
Establishing nursery of different type of nutritious green fodder and providing seedling for transplantation to SHGs members.
Organizing fodder and feed demonstration at village level.
Facilitating SHGs for Selection of Milk collectors.
Facilitating SHGs for marketing milk.
Training for youth in artificial Insemination and facilitating them to establish their AI Centre.
Facilitating Stud bull service provider for establishing cross breading center.

Organizing women agriculture producer.

Title Organizing women agriculture producer.

15 villages of Narain Bagar Block.

Duration 2003-2004
Funding Agency (Canadian High Commission)
No. of beneficiaries 200 women Members

And related Outcomes
Service provided

Program Objectives:
Organizing women agricultural producers in ten villages of Nainigarh area Chamoli District

Program Outcome :
Increase the Capacity of women grower committee in 10 villages of Nainigadh area.
Grower committee from 9 villages have collected and marketed Agricultural produce
The Grower committee also started collecting & Marketing milk and Ghee from the villages
Selected Broker for selling their agro produced
Marketing of Citrus Produce

Formation of women grower committee at
village level, area level, and block level.

Training of grower committee members.

Marketing cash crops through grower committee.

Market exposure of grower committee

Propagatory Nursery of medicinal plants.

Title Propagatory Nursery of medicinal plants.

5 Villages of Tharali and Deval Blocks.

Duration 2003-2006
Funding Agency (National Medicinal Plant Board
No. of beneficiaries 300 Farmers

And related Outcomes
Service provided

Program Objectives:
Establishment of propagatory nursery of kutki and kuth

Program Outcome:
Produce 150,000 seedling of Kutki and kuth.
Plantation of 1,50,000 seedlings in Ghesh,Himani, Balan, Pinau, and Dungri village through farmers.

Training of Farmers on Cultivation of MAP plantation.
Established a kutki nursery at Gesh and Dungri.
Appraisal on Socio – economic benefits derived through MAP cultivation.

Gadani Watershed development programme

Title Gadani Watershed development programme

Gadni Water shed, Narayan Bagar

Duration 2002-2006
Funding Agency (CAPART) New Delhi
No. of beneficiaries 1250 (Villages Khanoli, Maiduni, and Sunta)

And related Outcomes
Service provided

Program Objectives:
Conservation of Eco – system (protection of Forest, Land and Water)
Program Outcome:
1400 hect. Of Gadani watershed area. Covered
Community self help initiatives towards conservation goals
Flooding water controlled comparatively in following yrs. due to established check dams in the region
Conserved & Protected Land, water and Forest through various watershed initiatives such as plantation activities by women & youths

Awareness program in villages.

Training of watershed development for watershed development committee members.

Technical training for WCT members.

Planning and implementation of watershed development activities with active participation of community.



Narain Bager, Tharali, Deval Blocks of District Chamoli

Duration 1996-2003
Funding Agency UPRWESE (World Bank Assisted)
No. of beneficiaries 3000 People have been benefited from the program

And related Outcomes
Service provided

Program Objectives:
To realise mountain community on better living standards through imparting knowledge on Safe Drinking Water, providing healthy Sanitary schemes.

Program Outcome:
Community groups have self established and are maintaining sanitation facility.
Community have effectively participated in the program objectives and understood the importance of healthy living.
Increase in demand and usage on sanitation facility has brought comfort to the village folks.

Planning and implementation of water and sanitation activities with the active participation of community.

Constructed 20 drinking water supply scheme

Training of community leader for the smooth functioning of the activities.

Provided low cost sanitary facilities with equal contribution from the beneficiary.

Training of women in economic small scale development

Title Training of women in economic small scale development

Narain Bager, Tharali, Deval Blocks of District Chamoli

Duration 2005 - 2006
Funding Agency

DAP (Australian High Commission, New Delhi)

No. of beneficiaries 113 Women Beneficiaries

And related Outcomes
Service provided

Program Objectives:
Organising lower income Households (women) into Self Help Groups and engaging them through micro credit activities.

Program Outcome:
113 women have been mobilised into groups.
Enabled micro credit program to the beneficiaries.
Linked Groups to dairy subsector and marketed the agriculture produce in fairs and regional markets.
Reduced drudgery through plantation and increased agriculture yield through vermin compost preparation.
Women members have gained respect and encouragement at home.

Community Sensitization
Group Formation
Institutions Training on collective working,
Time management, and fodder management.
Participatory plantation work of fodder grasses and trees.
Training on preparation of bi-products from milk.
Introducing the group to other integrated programs.

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