The Setting Organisation Vision Mission

The Uttarakhand Himalayas have been, for ages, symbols of natural beauty and splendour, of peace and spirituality, of loftiness and majesty. People from far and wide as pilgrims of Divine, explorers of nature and adventurous mountaineers have been drawn to these mountains for centuries.

Uttarakhand has rich reserves of bio diversity. It provides for perennial source of rivers, irrigation and power to the country. Yet large number of villagers are deprived of safe drinking water, irrigation and electricity. Youth of the region though hard working and literate is short of employment opportunities resulting in their migration to cities. Women, who are enterprising and from the mainstay of agriculture economy of the region, are not able to get enough production even after the hard toil. They are victims of general apathy towards their welfare and must be supported in terms of basic health, financial assistance; instil development and alternative productive engagement.

Half a century of development process since independence have no doubt brought roads, communication and created organizational structures to take care of various developmental works but the ground assessments leave many more questions to be answered. It is time to reflect and bring about paradigm shift in development model and processes, with greater or total involvement of people, the beneficiaries.



It is to bring about this involvement of people in the process of development of the region that a group of social workers and volunteers initiated a movement in 1985 and in 1986 formed UTTARANCHAL YOUTH AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (UYRDC), register under society registration Act 1860 at Narainbagar, District Chamoli.



To establish an ecological, social and economic environment in which the mountain people can experience increased well being and can foresee continued sustainable settlement for themselves and future generation in a sustainable manner.



We envisage our action through a deeper community engagement and active participation in the process of development, which reflects and responds to the people's felt needs and aspiration.

Awaken Community Governance by encouraging and facilitating collective public provision of essential community services.

Building the potentials of community and seek their active participation in the development initiatives in their surrounding.

Strengthening the capacity of the community to think and act collectively on subjects that address common benefits, an essential requirement for stimulating self development.

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