To foster holistic development through a process that places local people at the centre, Building up their skills and capabilities to act with confidence and bring about desired changes for themselves and communities in both economic and social spheres.

Community & Environment Development in Pinder Valley - Our Focus Areas :

  • Promoting agriculture initiatives under protective conditions and enabling effective cultivation methods to mountain farmers.
  • Providing Technological & entrepreneurial initiatives under Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to the community.
  • Promoting unified activism by capacitating the mountain women into institutional framework with a purpose to be able to respond to concerns & opportunities collectively.
  • Capacitating Panchayati Raj Institutions (Village Councils) institutions to meet community aspiration of prevalent issues and opportunities.
  • Participating in watershed development with the people, capacitating and supporting them in aspects of holistic managment & proliferation of ecosystem services in the region.
  • Enabling capacities of children, youth, women & men folks to respond to issues of Health and their wellbeing by addressing Social & Environment challenges within settlements and macro environment.
  • The institution has primary focus to vulnerable groups especially the disadvantaged families under wealth ranking/Below Poverty Line, the Schedule cast and Scheduled Tribes population of our project area in the state.
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