Business Development Services – Dairy Subsector
An animal Husbandry Program

Intervention in dairy sub-sector has proved very effective in the region. The program has been able to rightly facilitate women folks of Pinder valley on active formation of Self Help Groups to participate and regulate micro credit facilities and manage enterprising initiatives through dairy business model. Valuable input services imparted to the user groups have resulted into productive outcomes. The program has impacted good change in socio–economic circles of the region. Summary of the program is descriptive below:

Program Summary

Project Area
Pinderi Watershed
Blocks Covered

Narayan Bagar, Tharali, Deval Karanprayag

Program Beneficiaries
Women, Youth
Implementing Agency
Uttaranchal Youth and Rural Development Centre, Narain Bagar
Support Partner
Appropriate Technologies India, Ukhimat
Funded By
2003 to 2006

Program Objective:

  • To transform subsistence dairy activities into micro – dairies with commercial objectives
  • To Conserve the fragile eco-system by ensuring peoples reduced dependency on forest
  • To establish Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies (MACS)
    • Business Development Services (BDS)
    • Financial Services of Savings, Credit, and Insurance.
  • To provide 75% of all demonstrated inputs and technologies through private sector suppliers by end of project.
  • Linkages of BDS clientele & Service Providers with Micro Finance Services, including credit, savings and asset insurance.
  • Phasing out of all subsidized support to services by end of the project.
  • Establishment of a working and Replicable model of Pinder Valley in other parts of Uttaranchal based on private sector norms and in which the interest of micro – dairy entrepreneurs are well represented.


Deliverables to established women SHGs :

Financial Services
Develop operational plan for financial services
Establish linkages with financial institutions
Micro credit services
Savings services
Asset insurance services
Micro finance consultancy
SHG Strengthening Activities :
Book Keeping training
Social Improvement
Economic training
SHG Meeting
Federation meeting
Marketing services
Development of operational plan for marketing services
Development of marketing linkage/volume traded
Product development
Product Advertising
Livestock Management services
Animal Upgrading development plan
Artificial insemination
Stud Bull Breeding
Purchase of Improved breeds
Develop operational plan for animal health and Nutrition
Development of feed concentrate marketing
Feed supplement marketing
Green fodder cultivation
Development of veterinary services
Production technologies
Fodder technologies
Fodder cultivation demonstration
Silage technologies demonstration
Composting technologies demonstrations


The village women folks are mobilized into formation of SHGs. Input Services to the SHGs included Training on Livestock Managment Services, Marketing services, Technological services & Financial Services. After being capacitated the groups are then linked to financial institutions and mobilized with micro credit activities. These SHGs are mobilised to form Milk producing units. The SHGs through community support has further appointed Milk enterpriser (collector). These enterprisers have been given requisit training and further have been supported with infrastructures such as refrigeration unit, Lactometer and other dairy units. on having established the supply chain milk producing SHGs through appointed sub collectors (to carry milk) have marketed milk through milk enterpriser in the market to tea shops, sweet shops, dairy shops and individual consumers.

SHG => Sub Collector => Collector (Dairy enterpriser) => consumer

Other Initiatives :
On the other hand SHGs have been organized to collect produce (cash crops) for sale to the market during local Melas, regional fairs and haat bazaars in the district, the state and national markets with partnered institutions.


project Outcome :

SHGs formed : 200 SHGs have been formed constituting of 2045 women members in the entire region of Pinder valley.

Milk Producers (SHG members):

  • Increase in Income of the existing Milk Producer (Rs.1700/month)
  • Reduced drudgery by plantation & effective manure compost preparation
  • New income source generated to new milk producers
  • Seasonal fluctuation in demand has increased sale of bi-product mix in organized manner
  • Distribution model activated for SHG groups under constrained remoteness

BSPs & Micro Dairy Enterprises :

  • New job opportunities to jobless youth as BSP (Rs.12000/annum)
    (Collectors, Sub Collectors,Para Vets, Stud bull keeper)
  • New Job Opportunities to Micro Dairy Enterprisers (Collectors, Sub Collectors)
  • Shift of Customer base from unorganized market to established dairy shops through the program
  • Good Quality Milk is assured in the market, Customers Satisfied


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